i have a project plan and a potential client but I have no much fund to develop the software from my own funding. So I am looking for an expert programmer who can develop and no need to invest him without time and skill. After complete the software, I'll deliver it to my client and I'll get paid, then I'll pay the engineer/ programmer. I am made a well-organized project paper on what should we develop. I just need the features, programing language not a fact. Java or Python can be used. I have an established brand but this project is so broad, I am unable to do it. after payment, I'll take the copyright under my brand. I hope it will need customization in the future, then I'll pay for every customization. so the developer should mentality to give after-sales support.

I am new here so I am not used to the forum, would you say me how may I get this type of programmer here or any other location?