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Thread: Using a thread pool in real situations

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    Using a thread pool in real situations

    If I need to improve an existing code by using a thread pool, how can I get data from a SQL DB:

    bool CMyClass::GetSQLSelect(std::string sql, void* data)
    and suppose I have another code, higher level:

    void CMyClass::DoSomething()
    	void* data = nullptr;
    	if (!GetSQLSelect("SELECT * FROM my_table", data))
    	std::string result = static_cast<std::string>(data);
    	// do something with result
    Now, all examples from internet give me some examples of how to add some methods to a thread pool, but those methods are not returning data to the main thread. What if I need data from those posted to thread methods ?

    I have found and example right here:

    I have seen something very simple using boost:

    void my_task() { ... }
    int main()
    	int threadNumbers = thread::hardware_concurrency();
    	boost::asio::thread_pool pool(threadNumbers);
    	// Submit a function to the pool.
    	boost::asio::post(pool, my_task);
    	// Submit a lambda object to the pool.
    	boost::asio::post(pool, []() {
    but how can I use it in my case, when I expect data from posted method ? Something like that:

    std::string sql = "SELECT * from my_table";
    void* data = nullptr;
    boost::asio::post(GetSQLSelect, sql, data);
    but when I retrieve data then ?

    Every hint, even small one, I will appreciate it most !
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