We use an application that utilizes Crystal Reports for reporting. Each report is in it's own sub-folder and has many .rdxml files...

When adding a field to a report, we edit the _select.rdxml and the flds.rdxml file with the field... then, after starting Crystal Report Designer we load the .rpt and (in the past) we simply right click the field list and REFRESH it and the field appears... however, for some reason it is not showing the new field after is refreshes... we have verified there is no error in the SQL select and beleive the _select and _flds .rdxml files have been updated correctly as well.

The application vendor is no help, and we are not 100% knowledgeable with Crystal... the primary issue is that Crystal is not running the .rdxml files to update the field list for the newly added field... once the field is added, then we can drag it to the report in the designer.

Does anyone have experience with the .rdmxl files I am describing?

Thank you,