Even if not part of the official C++ standard, does MS VC++ have any functions designed to split a C++ string (variable of type std::string) into an array of strings, where each entry of that array is one of delimited entries in the original single string?

I know for certain that MS VB6 has such a function, called Split. The syntax for it is ArrayOfStrings=Split(OriginalString,Delimiter). Delimiter is a string of one or more characters that appear in the string OriginalString, and are used to split apart separate entries in a set of data that is stored in that string. ArrayOfStrings is an array, where each entry in the array is a substring that was cut out of the string OriginalString by the Split function, which used the Delimiter string to know where to cut OriginalString for extracting these substrings.

Does MS VC++ have a function equivalent to VB6's Split function?