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    How to also copy subfolder's new and modifed files?

    This code only copies new and modified files under E:\Document but leaves all the subfolders and their new and modified files uncopied.
    How do I also get the subfolder's new and modified files also copied?

    const string sourcePath = @"E:\Document";
       const string destPath = @"D:\Test";
       string[] originalFiles = Directory.GetFiles(sourcePath, "*", SearchOption.AllDirectories);
       Array.ForEach(originalFiles, (originalFileLocation) =>  {
             FileInfo originalFile = new FileInfo(originalFileLocation);
             FileInfo destFile = new FileInfo(originalFileLocation.Replace(sourcePath, destPath));
             if (destFile.Exists){
                  if (originalFile.Length > destFile.Length{
                        originalFile.CopyTo(destFile.FullName, true);
             else {
                  originalFile.CopyTo(destFile.FullName, false);
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