I'm a beginner in MVVM, and WPF. My boss asked me to port a winform application in WPF; Basically it have an interface with docked windows (like VS), where each window display some data( loaded from a file) in different way: simple chart, tables, 3d chart, raw data ecc(should be 6 window); this are also interactive, I mean the user can change some value and save the file update for other uses.
I'd like to use mvvm pattern (and caliburn micro framework) to do the task.
My problem is that I'm not sure to have correctly understand how to approach an application like this in MVVM.
For my understanding, I need to use for docking something like avalondock(that support mvvm), and create a View(as usercontrol in VS) and a ViewModel for each dockend"window" plus one as container, and a Model that actually contains the file as an array/stream.
I'm also unsure where handle the "interactivity"(basically the mouse change chart value by mouse), because I founded different answers googleing.
I can add more details if needed . Any advice?