Hi, I am not a programmer but I need to set up a company payroll system and a recent upgrade to the software changed our settings. I now need python codes that will calculate the following:

1. FUTA is a company contribution (6%) and only paid for the first 7,000 YTD gross pay per employee and maxed at 420.00 paid per year per employee. Below is the rule from the previous version, where we were able to edit the gross amount on that line to zero to stop the contribution amount from calculating when we reached the limit. Now I need to change it to a python code instead of a percentage to account for the above limits.

amount type: Percentage
percentage based on: categories.GROSS
quantity: 1
Percentage: 6

2. State Unemployment is a company contribution (2.7%) only paid for the first 9,000 YTD gross.

3. Social Security is a deduction of 6.20% for the first 137,7000 YTD GROSS

4. Medicare is a deduction of 1.45% for the first 200,000 and then 2.35% for YTR GROSS over 200,000.

My computation for GROSS is (and it works) :
amount type: python code
python code: result=categories.BASIC + categories.ALW