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    casting pointer to template type


    I have another circular dependency issue, so was trying to handle by changing the variable access, to pointer type.

    But the pointer is for templated class.

    Basically i had
    					OnePixel<float> fraster(pfVal);
    					RenderFuncParams rfp;
    					rfp.displayDataType = eDDT;
    					rfp.pInstance		= pInstance;
    					rfp.pfOut			= &fraster;
    when i got circular dependency issue. I tried the following
    float val = 0.0;
    OnePixel<float> * pfraster = &val;

    obviously gives error. But

    OnePixel<float> * pfraster = static_cast<(OnePixel<float> *)>(&val);

    even gives error " error C2681: 'float *': invalid expression type for dynamic_cast

    thanks a lot
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