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    "Embedding a method" refactoring method

    Somebody put me a question: when should we apply refactoring method: Embedding a method. I have done a search on internet about this refactoring method, but I didn't find something clear. Can you tell me (or redirect me) about this ?

    Thank you.

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    Re: "Embedding a method" refactoring method

    I never heard about "Embedding a method" nor about "refactoring method".
    What type of "method" is here meant ? A Class method, a mathematical/physical/... method?
    What does it have to do with the Visual C++ Programming Forum:
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    Re: "Embedding a method" refactoring method

    Quote Originally Posted by mesajflaviu View Post
    Can you tell me (or redirect me) about this ?
    Embedding usually means that something is made part of some larger structure. And since the term "method" is predominantly used in object orientation, the larger structures in question could be the OO design patterns,

    It's a wild guess, but why not?

    Or, when I think about it, the larger structure may very well be the class. Say you refactor procedural code by utilizing the class concept. Then free functions will be embedded as methods in classes. So, "when we introduce OO" is one possible answer to the question that was put to you.
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    Re: "Embedding a method" refactoring method

    I am really sorry for this late response, thank you all, I'll take a note and I hope to solve the issue.

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