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    Python Tutorials and Resources

    Hey Everybody,

    My name is James Payne and I am the Editor for the Developer sites here at TechnologyAdvice (the people that own this forum if you did not know!). Just wanted to let everyone know that we post tutorials on how to program in Python on our sister site, We also cover tool reviews, best practices, and news related to Python. I'll be sticking this thread so new members are aware of some of the learning resources we have on our publishing side. I'll also be creating a sticky thread here to highlight any new Python programming tutorials we post and encourage you to discuss those how-tos and ask any Python-related questions you might have.

    Our Python programming section on is located at:

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    Re: Python Tutorials and Resources

    Hello James and everyone,

    Thank you for sharing this valuable information! It's great to know that TechnologyAdvice and offer tutorials, tool reviews, best practices, and news related to Python programming.

    Having access to quality learning resources is immensely helpful for both beginners and experienced developers looking to enhance their Python skills or stay updated with the latest trends and best practices. I appreciate the effort in curating Python-related content on

    For those interested in diving into Python programming or seeking informative articles, tutorials, and news, the Python programming section on sounds like an excellent resource to explore. The link you provided, Python programming section on, seems like a comprehensive hub for Python enthusiasts to learn and engage.

    Looking forward to discovering the tutorials and engaging in discussions about Python-related topics. Thank you for making these resources available and for creating a sticky thread to highlight new tutorials. I'm sure many members, including myself, will find it incredibly beneficial!

    Best regards,
    Faisal Zamir
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