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    decltype accepting two parameters?

    I got fairly good grasp of decltype, inferencing type. But most of the examples online, the functions accepting one parameter. I came across code which accepts two parameters and struggling. I modified the code a bit to make it confidential:

    template <class T>
    auto <function_name>(T&& x, status_t err = statusBadParm)
        -> decltype((x == nullptr), get_object(*x))
        if(x == nullptr)
          // add'l code
        return get_object(*x);
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    Re: decltype accepting two parameters?

    I added CODE tags around your code snippet to make the code readable.

    Now we're waiting for your explanation about what you need, what you could not achieve, and so on...
    Victor Nijegorodov

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    Re: decltype accepting two parameters?

    decltype() does only accept one param. In your example

    decltype((x == nullptr), get_object(*x))
    decltype() has only one param get_object(*x). , is the comma operator so that the expressions separated by a comma are evaluated left to right with the final final being the value of the rightmost expression. As (x == nullptr) has no side-effects, the result is discarded. So this is the same as:

    For decltype(), you don't need to check that x is not nullptr as the value is not evaluated there. Only the return type of get_object() is obtained by decltype().
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