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    C++ SSE and SSE2 compiler settings, and their Floating Point effects

    I have been running C++ floating point tests using the
    Twilight Dragon Media C++ compiler for 64 bit Windows 10.

    C++ starts by using IEEE 754 equation for floats and doubles,
    decimal and hexadecimal values, floating point arithmetic,
    if I have things right. See this at:

    I have learned that when you compile in
    float a = 0.1F;
    what you get is stored is


    whereas when you compile in

    HTML Code:
    double b = 0.1D;
    what you get stored is


    Most of your floating point operators are these:

    +, -, *, /, %, ++n, --n, n++, n--, +=, -=, *=, /=, %=

    Is there a GNU C++ switch that will turn off all of these floating point overflow
    and underflow values, both for assignment of the floating point data and
    arithmetic operator calculation for separate floating point data, too? How can
    this be acheived without adjusting the floating point source code at all?
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