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    WinAPI, Working with text


    I am somewhat new to both C++ and Win32 (also to this forum), Currently I am stuck with a program and don't know the approach to take.

    I have a child window with text displayed. I would like to move the mouse to a section of text, hit the left key and highlight (select) some of the text. So far, I know about WM_LBUTTONDOWN and how to capture the window X & Y position. I have found some reference to DragDetect. How should the text be hilighted? Is the window erased and drawn each small movement? I suspect there is some API that just does most of the work (?)

    I would appreciate some help with a general overview of how a passage of text is identified/highlighted using as few resources as possible.

    Thank you

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    Re: WinAPI, Working with text

    1. What type (class) of the "child window" are you using? For instance, if it is a STATIC control then it is impossible to select/highlight a text in it.
    2. Yes, the window is erased and redrawn by movement.
    Victor Nijegorodov

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