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    When polling in Java, use Thread.sleep or yield.

    In Java, I'm developing a blocking file lock, and while attempting to acquire a lock, I have a code block that looks like this:
        Thread.sleep(100); //is this cool?
    That figure of 100 milliseconds seems very stiff to me, and I'm wondering if the scheduler couldn't be more clever if I used Thread.sleep(0) or Thread.yield() instead. Yield appears to express purpose more effectively, although I'm not sure I really understand how the JVM interprets it. Also, I tried reading similar online articles but they didn't assist me well. Is one choice plainly superior to the other?

    Because the file is a remote file accessible via a web service that lacks a blocking lock mechanism, I must implement the blocking myself.
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    Re: When polling in Java, use Thread.sleep or yield.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nathan D View Post
    Because the file is a remote file
    Maybe the idea is not to hog the remote connection with frequent lock requests. A compromise would be to send a couple of quick requests and, if unsuccessful, wait a little longer, like

    int yield_count = 0;
    while (true) {
        if (fileLockIsAcquired()) break;
        if (yield_count++ < 5  {
        } else {
           yield_count = 0;
    I would also put in another counter to ensure the lock-acquiring process does not go on forever. It will hang your code.

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