Hi, I would use a flexgrid but VB6 (enterprise) says it's not registered (even though it's there in the list, with its check box ticked) so I have used a list box (simple dropdown list) instead, which is perfectly adequate, apart from...
At design time I set the number of columns at 2.
At runtime however I currently get 3 columns - with a horizontal scrollbar added. I think that scroller may be the problem, but I cant see how to get rid of it, since there's no reference to it in the properties window. The list is simple and static, and I load it in form_load as follows (all items follow this model, all have 3 letters. They are constellation abbreviations):
With ddConstells
.Width = 1935
.AddItem "And"
.AddItem "Aqr"
.AddItem "Aql"
.AddItem "Ari"
.AddItem "Aur"
.AddItem "Boo"
.AddItem "Cam"
.AddItem "Cnc"
End With
Anyone come to the aid of this damnfool in distress? ;-)