I have a new win11 laptop and want to install the latest version of mingw-w64
for my programming adventures.
I use g++ in the mingw thing to compile my C++project in Eclipse IDE.
I've been doing it this way for years.
Searching for the mingw-w64 'xyz-install.exe' doesn't work.
Instead, I land in github with a list of i686-.......posix/win32/dwarf/msvcrt/ucrt files.

1. Which of these 8 i686/x86 files do I need to download?

I downloaded one and it looks like an incomplete setup. Instead of g++.exe under the bin
directory, there is just gbd-add-index containing either makefile code or cmd code.

Gibberish to me.

2. Another download ,(mingw-w64-v8.00), gives me things like makefile.am makefile.in configure configure.ac alocal.m4 ......and much more. What am I supposed to do with this?

I need a bin folder with g++.exe.