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Thread: DnD in ListCtrl

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    DnD in ListCtrl

    Hi, ALL,
    There is no built-in support for DnD in ListCtrl.
    There is a BEGINDRAG message but no ENDDRAG.

    So I made it b handling BEGNDRAG and "mouse up" messages.

    The problem is I don't see a visual cue where the item will be dropped.

    I presume I should handle "mouse move' message, but them what? What do I put there?

    Thank you,

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    Re: DnD in ListCtrl

    Victor Nijegorodov

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    DnD in the ListCtrl

    Hi, ALL,
    The native ListCtrl on Windows/Win32 do not support DnD.

    So I implemented it with catching begindrag event, capturing mouse and mouse up event.

    However, there is no visual cue about dropping the item in the list control.

    My scenario is DnD from one list control to another list control.

    I understand that I should catch mouse move event, but what do I put there? Ideally the result should reflect how DnD works in the tree control, but any potential visual cue would be fine on the drop.

    Thank you.

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