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    Error 1425: Invalid device context (DC) handle

    if this is not the right place to post my question I would appreciate if someone could direct me to the proper forum.

    I am using FORTRAN to build my code, but the win32 API is used by interfaces to C/C++ provided with the compiler. So my code may look a little awkward to you, but it is not so very different from C.

    My prog evaluates some data by running in cycles with a new set of data for each cycle. The total number would be 8760 corresponding with the number of hours in one year. I have some output to screen, where I use win32 API to show some diagrams and textual data just for control. And I have output to disk for further use. It is a single thread application using about 14 MB of memory and uses less than 5 % of CPU time. I am using Visual Studio 2017 in a Windows 11 environment.

    This prog does its job for about 1250 cycles and then the screen freezes while the app carries on. Upon checking the return value of BeginPaint() I receive 1425, which indicates an invalid device context handle.

    Now I am at a loss how this can happen:

            hDC = BeginPaint (hWnd, tPS)
                if (hDC .eq. 0) then
                    iRslt = GetLastError()
                    print *,'DiagrammWndProc: Error in Begin Paint. Code: ',iRslt
    I understand that BeginPaint failed but I could not find any clue as to why this happened and how to spot the root cause.

    Anybody any idea?

    Thanks in advance
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    Re: Error 1425: Invalid device context (DC) handle

    Problem solved.
    Just for your files in case anybody encounters the same problem.

    By an error of mine i coded
    iRslt = EndPaint (hDC, tPS)
    which should be

    iRslt = EndPaint(hWnd, tPS)
    Apparently EndPaint failed and each BeginPaint started a new device context. And eventually there were too many. But this did not show in memory needed.

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    Re: Error 1425: Invalid device context (DC) handle

    I'm glad you could solve your problem.
    Please next time use CODE tags rather than the QUOTE ones while posting the code snippets.
    Victor Nijegorodov

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