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Thread: Upgrade COM to DCOM

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    Upgrade COM to DCOM

    I need to write a middleware solution, naturally - a COM object. However, I need that object to be accessible through the network (DCOM). What are the steps necessary to make a regular COM object a DCOM object? Please give details...

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    Re: Upgrade COM to DCOM

    If you use standard datatypes, any COM object you create should be remotable. Otherwise, only one way to find out...

    All you need to do is place your COM object on the remote server, then REGSVR32 it from your local machine so that your COM component registry key will include the "RemoteServer32" key which points to the DLL.

    You may wish to grant access to only certain people, so run DCOMCNFG.

    To instantiate the object you can use CoCreateInstanceEx, but if you follow the tips above CoCreateInstance should suffice (it will use the RemoteServer32 key)

    Scott Tunstall

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